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Premier Behavioral Health offers a network of safe and comfortable facilities for clients to complete their addiction recovery. We care for our clients in a safe and supervised environment where treatments are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We help our clients grow into responsible and drug-free individuals while organizing social therapy sessions where they learn to recognize the best parts of themselves through the feedback of their peers. We take clients through the three steps of detox, therapy, and aftercare, helping them conquer their drug habits once and for all. At our drug rehab centers in Albany, Georgia and elsewhere, we give clients the help they need to end their addiction once and for all.


At our drug detox clinic, we help our clients through the difficult stages of drug withdrawal in a closely monitored, safe, and comfortable environment. Quitting an extended drug habit can be difficult, not only psychologically, but physically. Prolonged drug use creates dependency, making it difficult for the body to detox.


When a person stops taking drugs after a prolonged usage, they experience symptoms of withdrawal because the body no longer produces a neurochemical naturally. We help ease our client’s transition through this difficult period of detox, providing them with the comfort and care they need to get through the most difficult stage of their rehabilitation.


Some clients may suffer from mental health issues. At our addiction recovery center, we make sure that such mental health conditions are not left untreated. We make sure that clients receive the quality mental healthcare they need so that they won’t be dealing with their conditions during their detoxification. We treat every client as an individual, tailoring our treatment to their particular needs and medical concerns.


After the detox process concludes, we start clients in group and individual therapy sessions. At our addiction recovery center, we don’t simply treat clients for the physical symptoms of drug addiction, but work closely with them to help them discover the underlying causes of addiction. In our individual sessions, we focus on giving clients the tools they need to cope with their individual problems, connecting with them on a personal level and helping them find coping habits for their specific problems. In the group sessions, we help clients learn to appreciate themselves in an honest and judgment-free environment, an addiction treatment center where clients grow stronger by supporting one another, encouraging each other in their respective struggles with addiction. These group sessions help clients learn to find sources of inner strength and confidence in their struggle against addiction.


After the final therapy sessions have concluded, our addiction treatment facility provides clients with a supportive aftercare program designed to help them readjust to their former lives without falling back into the ways of the past. We continue to work with clients as they make this adjustment, giving them access to individual and group sessions and helping them find access to transitional living situations, places that make it easier for clients to adjust to a drug-free lifestyle. At our drug rehab facility, we want to make a permanent change in our client’s life, helping them continue their battle against addiction and preventing a relapse.


At Premier Behavioral Health, we offer more than merely a substance abuse treatment facility. Our addiction recovery program is a strong community of people dedicated to help our clients transform their lives from drug dependent to drug free. We believe in working with people as individuals, helping them become better parents, children, siblings, and friends.