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At Premier Behavioral Health, our drug rehab facility offers more than the average substance abuse treatment facility. We provide a warm and welcoming community where clients can grow from a combination of personal attention and peer support. At our drug rehab center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we offer quality care and comfort during addiction recovery, helping clients get back on their feet after being brought down by drug addiction. We help clients pass through the difficult stage of detox, following this up with group and individual therapy sessions and concluding with an aftercare program designed to help clients keep from relapsing.


At our drug detox clinic, we help clients manage the symptoms of drug withdrawal, keeping them closely monitored and cared for during the process. The physical effects of withdrawal can be difficult, so we work carefully to make sure our clients are comfortable and under close supervision as the drugs leave their system. Opioids and other addictive substances affect the neurotransmitters in the brain, replacing the body’s naturally occurring neurochemicals with an artificial substitute. With continuous usage, the body grows accustomed to the artificial chemicals, slowing its natural production of the chemical. When the chemical is no longer present, the body experiences this lack as an uncomfortable and often painful process. At our addiction treatment center, we keep clients carefully monitored throughout this process, keeping them comfortable and safe as the drugs leave their system.


If clients suffer from a co-occurring mental health issue, we want to make sure they get the individual care they need so that they aren’t fighting the symptoms of this condition during the addiction recovery process. For this reason, we employ dual diagnosis treatment, a method that combines rehabilitation with psychiatry to make sure that we treat both the physical and psychiatric causes of addiction. We make sure that clients suffering from any co-occurring disorder receive the attention and care they need throughout their stay at our substance abuse treatment facility.


The rehabilitation process doesn’t conclude with detox. Beyond the merely physical aspect of addiction, our addiction recovery program treats the underlying causes of addiction, helping clients learn healthy habits for coping with their addiction. In the privacy of personal therapy sessions, we offer clients a safe environment to be honest about their struggle with addiction, helping them find techniques suited to their particular needs. We help them identify the roots of their behavioral patterns, helping them put healthy habits into play to correct and adjust their behavior. However, we also believe in the importance of utilizing group therapy. At our addiction treatment facility, we use group therapy sessions to help clients identify their inner sources of strengths. Our clients learn and grow from one another, receiving the peer support they need to build back their confidence and find the confidence to end their struggle with addiction once and for all.


After these therapy sessions, our addiction recovery center provides clients with an aftercare program to make sure they leave addiction behind permanently. At our addiction treatment facility, we want to help people continue the work they have done at Premier Behavioral Health when they leave the doors of our building and return to the real world. We want to make sure that our clients return to their former lives without returning to their former habits. We provide clients with continuous access to individual and group therapy sessions, while at the same time helping them find transitional housing in a halfway home if necessary. We do our best to make sure that our clients make a smooth transition back into their roles as parents, children, and siblings.


At our addiction recovery facility, we provide our clients with close, supervised care during this difficult time of transition into their new lives. We are about empowering clients in their battle against addiction, helping them discover the strength to become happier, healthier, and drug-free.