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No matter how severe your addiction might be, you don’t need to let your disease control one more day of your life. Over the years, we have helped countless clients overcome their diseases at our safe and comfortable drug rehab centers. During your stay, you are going to have access to a variety of key services that will help you uncover the root causes of your addiction so that you can permanently beat it. After you complete a short program at the addiction treatment facility, you will then have access to outpatient services for ongoing support. In as little as a few weeks, you could begin the process of pushing addiction out of your life once and for all.


Recognizing the Signs


You can enroll in a rehab program at a substance abuse treatment facility at any time, but many people never consider getting help because they feel as if they have control over their actions. Others have decided that they need to hit rock bottom before they will finally be ready for help. Anyone who is struggling with substance abuse should realize that it is important to get professional assistance as quickly as possible. Every day that you fail to seek out help is one more chance for your disease to permanently change your life.


Addictions affect everyone in different ways, but most rehab specialists agree that there are a few common signs that everyone should be wary of. The first thing that you should keep an eye out for is erratic behavior. These diseases often make people act unusually when they are seeking out their drug of choice or under its influence. That might include leaving the home at unusual hours, sleeping for long periods of time, or rarely sleeping at all. Others experience severe mood swings in a short period of time when they are coming down. As a general rule, drug abuse has evolved into an addiction when an individual no longer has control over when they use or how much they use.


An Accurate Diagnosis


Just like any other disease, it is important to figure out the underlying causes of an addiction. During your addiction recovery program, one of the first steps you will take is meeting with an addiction specialist to discuss your disease. The information that you give the addiction specialist will help them come up with a personalized recovery program for the rest of your stay at the drug rehab facility. We must also take a look at your mental health to determine how that is affecting your addiction. Mental health disorders can have a major impact on an addiction, and many people use harsh drugs to self-medicate.


Supervised Detox


Before you start your long-term recovery program at the addiction treatment center, you might benefit from supervised detox at a drug detox clinic. Many people relapse when they first experience the withdrawal symptoms, and that is why you should consider supervised detox. A team of experienced recovery specialists will monitor your physical and mental health while you are withdrawing to reduce your risk of relapsing. Once you are comfortable and your body has balanced itself out, you can then head to the addiction recovery facility.


The Process of Beating an Addiction


Addiction recovery programs can last for almost any amount of time, but most clients benefit from staying in these programs for at least 30 days. While you will have ongoing outpatient support once you leave, you need to give yourself time to step away from your daily life and attack the root causes of your disease. You might require any number of services at the addiction recovery center ranging from family counseling to trauma therapy. Each of these services will give you one more tool to help you steer clear of destructive behaviors once you head back out into the world.